We are always looking for Christian creatives, writers, photographers and illustrators, across North America and globally. Share your stories and testimonies to help people slow down and draw closer to Jesus Christ.


We seek to bring to the reader a slower pace of life through the journa-zine's visually soothing and gospel filled content. It is for anyone learning to slow down, hoping to connect, grow, find joy, peace and be fulfilled.

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It was refreshing to dive into truth in a way that felt good and soothing to the soul. The women stories that were featured were deeply inspiring[...]


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Volume Six

"With the rise of social media, there are a ton of voices to listen to. Every day, we are forced to choose between listening to one influencer or another." Hearing God by Jodi Kozan. In the rise of social media and the constant options to choose from, how do we learn to listen wisely?

Volume six is an exhortation to abide in our Saviour, to Choose Life as Jodi Kozan reminds us in her Bible study (p. 38).

When we accept the calling to surrender our old life, pick up our cross and follow Jesus Christ, we choose life. To be chosen is not about doing whatever pleases us, but everything we do should bring glory to our Heavenly Father. This is possible only if we are truly abiding in Him. We can be runners, swimmers, writers, painters, etc. but as chosen ones we are called to offer ourselves as a fragrant offering to our LORD.


If you need some help and guidance with self-publishing your own independent magazine, then our editor, Theodora Ofosuhima, can help.

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